What is a personal chef?

A personal chef delivers delicious, nutritious meals at an affordable price right to your door, tailored to your tastes and needs. We can prepare any of your favourite recipes, things you remember from your childhood, vegetarian, low-fat, or special diets.

We use the freshest ingredients, supporting local farmer’s market and other producers. We are “scratch” cooks - no mixes or pre-processed foods. We make our own preserves, chutneys, pestos, etc., and we grow some of the vegetables and herbs in season right in our kitchen garden. It is home cooking like you yearn for, with no hassle for you.

Who needs a Personal Chef?

Either you are too busy to cook, or you don’t like it, or you can and do cook but need a little help every now an then. Maybe cooking is not the highest priority in your life right now. There is nothing wrong with feeling a bit lazy sometimes either.

We are to provide a totally professional gourmet experience without leaving  your own dinning room. Our service is designed to provide comfort and ease and graciousness in your life. We also offer tailored made gourmet cooking classes. Others who need our services are elderly parents, new moms, people with house guests and persons who require special diets because of medical condition.

Whatever is your reason, great food is just one phone call away.

In  a nutshell, a personal chef is a person who takes care of you in the food department. This may mean preparing all of your meals for you or just one, cooking an occasional cake or pie, or catering a whole event for you. What is the most crucial is that  a personal chef with his skill  and passion for food opens the whole new  world of exciting and luxurious gourmet experience.  


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