Seasonality, freshness, taste and quality are key reasons why I prefer to buy our food ingredients from local suppliers. I simply like to know where our food comes from. Look at it this way - whatever we put in our food basket has consequences - for you are what you eat. But there are others too.

Purchasing local produce means that you are supporting your local economy. Local businesses employ our local people and spend their profit locally too, so there’s a fair chance that the consumers pound will be staying in the local economy.

Another reason is going “green”. Most fruit and vegetables from  farmer’s market and our suppliers are sold loose, so there is less waste from packaging. Meat is sold with the amount of packaging required to meet environmental health standards. Because of that there is a lot less than the packaging and refrigeration required to transport the produce around the country.  Reducing “food” miles means cutting back on the distance food travels from place it is produced to where it is bought. Food distribution by road freight is the fastest growing transport sector in the UK and therefore a major contributor to airborne pollution as well as noise. Not many of us realize that over 13% of the country’s total fuel consumption goes on packaging and transporting food - I strongly believe that this simply wrong and easily could be changed.

That is why I would like tell you where I buy my ingredients from. I have been using same suppliers for last  10 years. Some of those relationships are even longer.  Why? High quality product, expertise and real dedication towards food. And they are always there when you need them. Thank you guys!

Carl Woods Butcher

       Carl Woods Butchers    tel: 0118 9722228 Wood Lane Sonning Common Berkshire  RG4 9SL

truefood coop

 True Food


61 Grove Rd RG4 8LJ    tel 0118 946 1188

Best organic veg, fruit and dry grocery in town.

Montmartre Logo

          Tel: 01753 531200


By Appointment to
HM The Queen
Fine Hand-Made Patisserie

 Jungs Bakery,  6 The Broadway Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 2PD

tel: 01494 673070

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