Hi, I’m Tom. Well, it is never easy to talk about yourself so let’s keep it short and simple. We are a small family enterprise focused on providing catering services to local community. The two characters behind the Flying Chef are Aga & myself.

Gerard Depardieu


... &  cooking

Why food? We simply love it. Cooking, like drinking a glass of fine wine gives me the greatest of joy. Fixing a meal for my family or my friends makes me truly happy. The art of cooking and preparing a meal, for me , is a way of communicating with others without necessarily having to utter a single word.  When I cook I like to keep it simple. Make the best of each ingredient and therefore look for products that are fresh and prime quality.  It is a totally sensual pleasure, for you must be able to smell, to touch, to taste, to watch and to listen. Our senses should help us appreciate the true simplicity behind some of life’s real pleasures. I would like to be able to pass a little of this on to our customers...

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...close your eyes for a moment and imagine the sensation of rediscovering the taste of an exceptional dish prepared with ingredients of an extraordinary flavour and served above all with LOVE. That is what it is all about..

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